5 of the most dangerous forms of surgery

education-gizmoA lot of people fear going under the knife, but there are 5 dangerous forms of surgery that are more dangerous than any other type of surgery. When something malfunctions as a result of a doctor’s mistake, medical negligence claims in London come about.

5. Intestinal Surgery
Any surgery poses different threats, but intestinal surgery is a risky surgery. During this surgery, a person’s intestine is removed and replaced with another one. Intestinal surgery is one that has to be performed correctly in order for it to function as it should. When the intestine is not placed within the body as it should be, an individual’s health can take a turn for the worst.

4. Bone Marrow Transplant/Surgery
Many people may be familiar with this type of surgical procedure, but there are many different risks. For this transplant to be successful, a match must be made with another person which is referred to as a “donor”. In the instance that the wrong donor has been matched, the patient could endure serious side effects and complications. This is a risky and expensive surgical procedure that can take a turn for the worst during and after the transplant has been performed.

3. Thyroid Surgery
Thyroid surgery is a form of surgery that is performed on the throat. The throat is a delicate area of the body that should be handled with care. Thyroid surgery is performed on an individual who needs a blockage removed. If the procedure does not go as planned, stress and other complications can take place. A lot of caution needs to be taken with this form of surgery.

2. Open Heart Surgery
Open heart surgery is a hit or miss type of surgery. If a mistake is made during this form of surgery, there are not too many chances to correct mistakes. The heart is what keeps the human body functioning and thriving. The smallest nick or cut to the heart or an artery can be fatal. This is one surgery that poses the most risk for a patient which is why many people have a difficult time making the decision of having this surgery or not having this surgery. There is only one type of surgery that beats the risks of open heart surgery, and it is brain surgery.

1. Brain Surgery
Brain surgery, by far, is the most complex and risky surgery there is. Brain surgery is demanding for the surgeons who perform these procedures. Many different procedures that are performed on the brain can take more than 12 hours. Precision is the key in this instance, and the most inferior mistake could have debilitating and fatal results.


Here are 5 different forms of surgery that carry a high risk. Each form of surgery carries a different risk, but each risk could result in a life or death matter. Before you decide to undergo any of these surgical procedures, you should consider the positive and negative side effects that it will have on your body. Most people decide to take a chance if the positive side effects outweigh the negative ones.

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