Brintellix and Weight Gain

 Brintellix or vortioxetine as it is sometimes referred to as is an antidepressant and as it conotes, is used for the treatment of depression or depressive disorder particularly in adults. The drug helps to balance the chemicals in the brain and subsequently try to help persons suffering from depressive disorder get past this condition. With depression being one of the most popular health conditions, it is not surprising to know that Brintellix made the headlines almost immediately it was released as it rapidly gained popularly among people trying to combat the effects of depression.

Brintellix made headlines for being antidepressant but it did not take long before different users started complaining of the side effects of using the drug. even as people that suffer from health issues like liver disease, epilepsy, blood clotting disorder, narrow-angle glaucoma, migraine, and the likes were advised to seek the help of a doctor before starting to use Brintellix, other negative effects such as fatigue, vision changes, nausea, and constipation were recorded.
One other side effect of using Brintellix and has been addressed by many users of the product is weight gain. There have been reports from various quarters about Brintellix leading to weight gain with the manufacturers found wanting as regards the defense of their product. This has definitely led to more worries among users and potentia users and expectedly, the use and purchase of the product has subsequently dropped.

Side effects are not peculiar to Brintellix and just like any other drug, side effects are expected. It is however an issue of major concern when the side effects seem to be overwhelming and the case of Brintellix is not any different. It is therefore advised that just as it is necessary to do background checks and consult a doctor before using a drug; prospective users of Brintellix should endeavor to do their own research to ensure that the side effects are avoided as much as possible.

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