Eczema and stress

Eczema is a chronic (long-lasting) disease that is believed to be brought on by genetics. However, stress is often cited as a common cause of eczema flare-ups. Additionally, stress can exacerbate a flare-up that has already occurred. This article will go over some ways to deal with eczema and stress.


Manage Flare-Ups


Perhaps the best way of managing eczema stress is to effectively manage eczema, as it is a disease that can undoubtedly be quite stressful. However, in most cases, eczema is a disease that can be managed, even though there is no permanent solution, I.e cure.


If you suffer from frequent flare-ups, it’s especially important to see a doctor or dermatologist to discuss your treatment options. That being said, you may need to try a variety of treatments before you find one that can effectively manage your eczema symptoms.


Once you find the right treatment, or combination of treatments, to manage the disease, then your eczema-related stress should be reduced significantly.


Eczema Stress Reduction Activities


There are a wide variety of stress reduction activities that are effective. Some of these activities may not interest you but if you can find one or two activities that help you cope with stress (eczema related and otherwise) then that could potentially beneficial in stopping future stress-related eczema flare ups. These activities include:




People have been using meditation as a way to control stress for thousands of years. There are many different forms of meditation, one of the more commonly practiced forms include transcendental meditation.




This is somewhat akin to meditation, but involves the body and the mind. It can help relieve tensions in the muscles and in turn, have a positive effect on the mind. However, yoga instructors have varying degrees intensity and heavy workouts (even light workouts) are believed to be a potential cause of eczema.< Proceed with Caution


Undeniably, exercising regularly has many benefits for both the mind and body. Moreover exercise is commonly cited as one of the most effective ways to manage stress.


However, patients with eczema generally need to proceed with some caution before starting a new exercise regiment, due to the fact that sweating and climate changes both likely to happen during an outdoor workout, are cited as potential causes of eczema.


So, if you think workouts may be a potential cause of your flare-ups, try to avoid sweating and going outside when drastic climate changes are likely to occur. This will reduce your chances of experiencing a flare-up.

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Eczema and Stress – Conclusion


Eczema and stress can undoubtedly be connected to one another. Stress reduction activities, like meditation and yoga, may be beneficial in helping prevent future flare-ups. However, because exercise can lead to flare-ups, it’s important to proceed with some caution before adopting a new workout routine.



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