Food as Fuel – How to Boost Your Energy

Food is the only to naturally boost energy which actually helps heal the body, not depletes it. Caffeine is not effective energy, it masks the real state of your body condition. I really started paying attention to this when vacation in accommodation in revelstoke canada.


B-Vitamins: If you are looking for a boost in energy, these are the vitamins for you. They help convert sluggish carbs, perky protein, and fatty fat into usable energy. B12 is essential if you are a vegetarian, and if you are seeking an energetic boost. Many North Americans are deficient in B12, not because they aren’t eating the right foods, but because their intestinal tract is not properly absorbing it.


Sunflower Sprouts: Did you know sunflower seeds are actually greens sprouted from the sunflower seed? At the time of harvest the plants are the most dense in enzyme boosting nutrients, and are chock full of protein, vitamins, enzymes and nutrients. The nutritional properties of sunflower sprouts increase from 100 to 600 percent when sprouted. This makes them the most nutritious leafy green on the market. There are many benefits; blood purification, cancer prevention, immunity boosting, and alkanizes the body. Eat the sprouts raw for maximum benefit.


Clams: Clams have the highest concentration of iron, and is the most bioavalable. It’s crucial for women to have enough iron, otherwise the red blood cells cannot carry enough oxygen to your body. Did you know that oxygen equals energy? They are also very high in B12 and gives you seven times your recommended dose. They are also rich in protein which naturally balances blood sugar levels.


Water: Did you know that the most common sign of fatigue is dehydration? If your body doesn’t have enough fluids it cannot function properly. A good way to to determine how much water you should consume (because we are all different) is to drink half your body weight in ounces. Water also detoxifies the body and flushes toxins out of it.


Some other amazing energy boosting foods are quinoa, nuts, Yerba mate, Maca (from Peru), and Coconut Water.



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