Helping Your Teen Cope with Panic Disorder

Parents have many options when it comes to assisting their teen in overcoming the disabling symptoms of panic disorder. Here are some of the methods that parents can use to reduce the affect it has over the teen:


Keeping the lines of communication open between the parent and child can help to address any issues or emotions before they become a source of stress for the teen. Often, teens suffering from panic disorder are likely to get overwhelmed with stressors, causing panic attacks. Parents that take the time to address potential issues can help to avoid panic attacks.

Offer Resources

Many community resources are available to parents with children suffering from teen panic disorder and parents can use these resources to educate themselves, the teens and find ways to cope with the panic disorder and the accompany symptoms. Resources can include mental health nurses in the community, referrals from the family physician, local support, and community groups and counseling sessions with peers that also suffer from panic attacks.


It is important that parents do not minimize the experience that panic attacks create for their child. Understanding that the symptoms are real and can manifest into physical onset is one of the hardest things for parents to realize (especially if the parents have never suffered from panic attacks).

Using resources available, parents can learn about the experience but the best possible way for the parent to understand the symptoms and effects of the panic attack should come personally from the teen experiencing them. Together, parents and teens can work together to try identify the triggers of the panic attack and the coping skills that can be put into place to help minimize them.

Treatment programs for teen panic disorder that teach the teen to identify the triggers and use coping techniques to reduce the impact of the panic attack can be an effective way to help overcome the disorder, and are often successfully implemented as an alternative to medications. There are many options for parents to help the teen suffering with the disorder. You just need to find the right resources.

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