Oral Thrush Recognizing and Treating

Oral thrush represents a disease that appears when a fungus (Candida albicans) forms on the lining of your mouth. Older adults, babies and people with compromised immune system run high risk to get it. And one the other hand candidiasis can be a symptom of an HIV infection.


 The main signs of this condition are creamy white lesions in the mouth cavity (on inner side of cheeks or tongue). It is interesting but oral thrush isn’t a result of bad mouth hygiene. Candidiasis occurs when body gets out of balance: when one is too old or young or has weak immune system. However, proper oral hygiene sometimes helps to overcome oral thrush. If adult person or a child brush its teeth twice a day and do flossing, it is not too difficult to recover.



There are some guidelines prepared by Kansas dentists for those who have thrush:

  • You need to change your toothbrush every three months. As soon as thrush will be treated, you could use a toothbrush for a longer period.
  • If you have thrush you need to do flossing more often and more careful in order to remove plaque and food particles.

In infants and toddlers candidiasis is a common condition due to incompletely developed immune systems. If you notice the signs of thrush in your baby mouth, consult dentist at once. Perhaps toddlers will need serious treatment. The next step is to change food allowance. Eat more unsweetened yogurt where healthy bacteria appeared in it help to restore healthy balance of bacteria in your organism.


If you are breastfeeding mother apply an antifungal cream to your nipples. This way your infant avoids infection.



Lesions are the first symptoms of thrust. And most dentists diagnose it this way. If you or your dentist supposes medical condition related with candidiasis, you need to have blood tests and a complex physical exam to discover the disease at early stage and start to treat it as soon as possible. To find a specialist to deal with such delicate dental problem, see here http://reviewfordentists.com/dentists/hawaii. If you’ve overcome thrush and now go through recovering, avoid wine and beer. These beverages cause candida organisms growing.


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