Reumofan Plus

Reumofan Plan is definitely not a strange brand after the pharmaceutical product manufactured to help people suffering from body pains, arthritis, and other such conditions broke into limelight some few years back. It was not only famous for the treatment of pains, there were also claims that this products that came in tablets could help in the treatment of conditions like bone cancer and osteoporosis.

According to the manufacturers of this dietary supplement that was made in Mexico, its ingredients were 100% natural and the use of the product had no side effects. Eastern Teaberry, curcumin, and white willow are some of the ingredients used in manuacturing Reumofan Plus.

Reumofan Plus was majorly sold over the internet with nationwide distribution available. It came in 30 tablets per jar, packed in a gold and green box.

Like most other dietary supplements, Reumofan Plus came under huge scrutiny and subsequent criticisms from health experts and even laymen and it did not take long before things changed against the product and its manufacturers.

It all started from the discovery of two of the ingredients used in making the products as having negative effects on the body. Diclofenac Sodium and merthocarbamol, in addition to dexamethasone were the three ingredients that raised eyebrows from people especially people from the FDA.

The use of methacarbamol and diclofenac sodium were investigated and later discovered to lead to serious and lethal injuries to the body. The case was actually aggravated by the fact that these ingredients were not indicated on the package of the product. This caused suspicion among practitioners and the drug has been declared unapproved since then.

The manufacturers subsequently called back the product and one can say this was the near end of the product as little has been heard about Reumofan Plus since the recall, though some quarters have claimed that the product is still in retail outlets in some parts of the world.

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