Reumophan – Risks Associated with This Arthritic Cure

Consumers who are looking for the miracle cure for their arthritic pains and aches must beware as the FDA has issued a warning regarding the possible health risks of Reumophan, a product being marketed as a natural dietary supplement to treat arthritis, osteoporosis, muscle pain, bone cancer, as well as other conditions.

According to the FDA, this supplement contains possibly dangerous ingredients which are not indicated on the label. Since this warning has been issued, there were many consumers who have started to speak up.

A spokesperson from the FDA said that they have already received tons of additional reports of adverse events which include stroke and death after they used Reumophan. Some other reports also include severe bleeding, liver injury, weight gain, sudden worsening of sugar or glucose control, leg cramps, swelling, adrenal suppression, and withdrawal syndrome.

Hidden Risks

The laboratory analysis of the product conducted by the FDA has revealed the presence of some prescription drugs which are associated with dangerous side effects.

Dexamethason, a type of corticosteroid often used for treating inflammatory conditions, is found to weaken the immune system, increase risks of muscle and bone injuries, and elevate levels of blood sugar. This is also associated with psychiatric issues.

Once consumed in high doses or for extended period of time, the drug could damage adrenal glands which can impair their hormone production ability. Abrupt discontinued use, particularly if the drug is taken in high doses or long term, may also lead to withdrawal syndrome wherein users can suffer from nausea, fatigue, low blood sugar levels, low blood pressure, dizziness, joint and muscle pain, and fever.

The NSAID or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug Diclofenac sodium has been detected in Reumophan as well, which is found to increase the risks of cardiovascular problems like stroke and heart attack, and serious gastrointestinal issues such as ulceration, bleeding, and fatal perforation of intestines and stomach. In addition, the analysis discovered the muscle relaxant methocarbamol that causes dizziness, drowsiness, low blood pressure, and can also impair physical or mental abilities of performing tasks like operating machinery or driving a motor vehicle.

The hidden ingredients in Reumophan can also lead to some serious or even life threatening consequences to the health of the user. When you take the product longer, the risk is also higher. Due to the hidden corticosteroid, users who take the product are recommended to consult with their physician right away to safely discontinue using the product.

The supplement is being made and produced in Mexico by a company named Riger Naturals. These are often found with Spanish labels although there are also some that are labeled in English. The Mexican Ministry of Health has also issued to the public its very own health warning regarding the use of Reumophan, and they even ordered the Riger Naturals company to recall the product. The FDA has also asked both consumers and doctors to report side effects which are experienced with the use of the supplement to the administration’s MedWatch Safety Information and Adverse Event Reporting Program.

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