The Science Behind HCG Diet & Types of HCG Supplements

HCG is a hormone found in men and women alike. However, it is more commonly found in women who experience a spike in its production during pregnancy. HCG hormone is also known to act as a catalyst to stimulate other hormones in the body. As a result, it impacts the body’s digestion, metabolism, liver functions, and lots more.

HCG, however, has gained more popularity lately for helping people lose weight. But the experts claim that the hormone itself doesn’t cause weight loss. It just changes how your body responds to low-calorie diet.

How It Works

We all know that hormone imbalances and malfunctions are the leading cause of weight gain in our bodies. People suffering from severe obesity are often challenged by hormonal issues that cause them to gain excessive weight. But the dieters that follow the HCG diet plan are able to stimulate their bodies to deal with weak hormones and fuel it to function at optimal capacity.

Not everyone knows that sometimes simple disruptions in body’s natural function can make it incapable of using fat as a source of energy. For instance, a digestive system that is facing a deficiency of right hormones will not be able to produce enzymes that can digest the food properly. This is just one of the many possibilities that can interfere with your body’s ability to process and expel fat. As a result, this fat deposits itself in the body causing weight gain.

HCG diet’s main role is to maintain your natural hormonal cycle during extreme low-calorie intake phase known as Phase 2. The HCG hormone prevents your body from preserving the fat deposits and instead uses it as a source of energy, thereby causing weight loss. The people following HCG diet experience a surge in their metabolic rate that prevents the body from losing muscle mass during an extreme dieting phase. On the other hand, when you restrict calorie intake on other diets, your body uses muscle mass as fuel and makes the metabolism sluggish, also known as the starvation mode.

HCG Diet’s Role in Helping You Lose Weight

Crash diets are one of the worst things on the dieting scene right now. When you follow a low-calorie diet schedule without medication, you notice a sudden drop in weight. However, this weight loss is costing you not only your fat deposits but also your lean tissue, or the muscle mass. Since muscles are heavy, losing them will look good on the scale but can be really bad for the dieter. Besides, these crash diets can throw your metabolism off the balance, causing a rapid weight gain as soon as you stop dieting. However, this doesn’t happen when you are on HCG diet. The weight loss that happens on this diet is sustainable and long-term, that too without damaging your lean tissue or metabolism.

Types of HCG Supplements

HCG diet was proposed and formulated by Dr. Albert T.W. Simeons who designed a method to use this hormone for weight loss. There are two components of HCG diet – a very low-calorie diet of 500 calories and a daily dose of HCG supplement in the form of injection, pills, drops etc. HCG hormone, when injected in the body, will only use abnormal fat as energy source and not muscle tissue. The low-calorie diet combined with the use of fat for energy leads to rapid weight loss.

Traditionally, HCG diet injected hormones intramuscularly which is still being practiced to this day. However, you require a medical expert to carry out this process for you. So you can either take help from a professional through the dieting phase or you can try one of these options if you want to have full control over your routine.

However, before you buy the HCG supplements, it is important to be careful while selecting the type. Here are the three forms of supplements that can be purchased online or from a retail store.

HCG drops

They are inexpensive, low maintenance, and easiest way to take this hormone. It is naturally preferred by most people as it doesn’t need an expert’s help. You just need to drop the prescribed dose under your tongue and wait for it to be absorbed by the skin. As they are not directly reaching the fat cells, HCG drops require higher dosage that can sometimes be uncomfortable to take orally. People who need to lose high amounts of weight can really benefit from this diet and help them get their body back on track.

HCG drops are available as liquids or DIY powder form. If you buy the Do-It-Yourself powder, then follow the medical instructions and mix it with a prescribed solvent which in most cases it is water. This solution should not be self-administered and must be taken as prescribed by the doctor. Do remember that the dose should always be consistent as excess ingestion of this hormone may lead to side-effects.

This is the reason it is better to take them in liquid form as they can be measured easily and consumed in the right dosage.

Pills, Pellets or Creams

Apart from taking drops, the dieters can also take pills, pellets, or creams fortified with HCG hormone. While this is also one of the options available, it is not as effective as the injections or the drops that penetrates the body more effectively.

How to Pick the Right One?

Before choosing the HCG diet plan, one should acquaint themselves with all the options available. You should embark on this journey only after you fully understand the process and prepared to commit yourself to the routine. Once that is out of the way, you can choose the supplement that meets your requirements. For small weight loss goals, one can choose from pills or creams. However, if you need to lose a lot of weight, then consider using HCG drops or injections.

Remember that unless you are planning to follow this plan properly, there is no use in taking the hormones.

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