What Style Of Massage Is The Best Massage In The UK?

There are so many types of massage nowadays that it is difficult to know which therapy to choose. If you are looking for the best massage in the UK, try some of these therapies. Everyone has their own favorite style of massage, but these are some of the most popular styles.


Shiatsu is done with the client fully clothed and lying on the floor on a mattress. The therapist uses his hands, elbows, fingers and sometimes knees and feet to apply pressure on specific energy points. These points are located along energy lines (meridians), and the techniques remove blockages in the energy flow and stimulate the points.

Thai Massage

Thai massage is also done with the client lying on a mat, fully clothed. The therapist uses pressure with his hands and feet, as well as stretching, to get rid of tension, to improve mobility and flexibility, and to work on muscle knots. It is sometimes said that Thai massage is like an assisted yoga practice. It is very effective for removing tension and improving flexibility.

Hot Stone Massage

If you are looking for the best massage in the UK for relaxation, hot stone massages a good option. Hot stone massage uses heated stones to relieve muscle tension and to improve relaxation. The stones are placed on tense areas, usually on the back and the shoulders. The heat helps to relax muscles and improve blood circulation. The therapist also uses the stone to massage your back and neck.

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is great for getting rid of muscle tension. It uses a variety of techniques such as long strokes, kneading and targeted pressure to relieve muscle tension and to get rid of muscle knots. It also boosts circulation and helps relaxation. If you are new to massage, Swedish massage is a great style to start with.

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