TA-65 Scam

English: An illustration of a telomerase molecule

English: An illustration of a telomerase molecule (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The TA 65 is a product of TA Sciences that is famous for being a telomerase activator. This gave it the reputation of being an anti-aging product that helps to repair damaged DNA, even as it helps to rejuvenate the body immune systems that are aging.

The product came in bottles of 90 or 30 capsules. One distinct feature of the TA 65 is the activation of telomerase that leads to increase in bone density, improvement in biomakers that would ordinarily decline as one ages, and lengthening of short telomeres.

The primary goal of TA 65 is to make the user look younger and more attractive, thanks to the features mentioned above. Middle-aged persons have particularly found solace in the product as it helps to rejuvenate the cells of the facial skin, making for a cheaper and relatively safer alternative to surgical procedures.

Even with the features and merits of the product, there were some drawbacks to the product especially as it concerned the manufacturer’s promotion and the claims that came with it. One of such claims that could be traced to the advert is whether the product could prolong the lifespan of the user. Studies however revealed that the product had no effect on the lifespan of the animals that were used in testing this claim of the product.

The other drawback or negative effect of TA 65 is the possibility of the drug causing cancer, with a particular mention of liver cancer. The study that brought this to light was done on mice and it was discovered that the continued use of the product led to an increase in the risk of getting liver cancer.

These claims and findings have however not totally stopped the sales of the product as retail outlets especially on the internet continue to promote the product, recording some sales of TA 65.

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